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With our experience over 20 years, we have been a leading exporter of Korean and Chinese appliance parts and raw materials serving customers around the world. These parts and raw materials have been highly accepted by famous appliance manufacturers like Samsung or LG or Daewoo or Electrolux or GE or Whirlpool or Toshiba or Matsushita or Haier or Kelong…, who are purchasing these items for daily production of appliances such as refrigerators (defrost and no frost types), washing machines (top loading and front loading types), gas cookers, air conditioners and other small appliances. We are now based in Korea and China to serve our customers better and should you be in need of these parts and raw materials, and wish to save budgets by cost-effective purchase, feel free to contact us for our best offers and services.

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Since 1991 Refrigerator Parts

refrigerator evaporator

Evaporator (Roll bond evaporator, Fin evaporator, Tube on plate evaporator), Fan motor, Electric motor, Thermostat, Damper thermostat, Bi-metal thermostat, Glass heater, Aluminum defrost heater, Aluminum foil heater, Defrost timer, Door switch, Lamp holder, Screw, Filter dryer, Wire harness, Copper tube, Pipe (tube) wicon, Condenser, Back panel, Glass shelf, Lock ass'y, Ice maker, Waterdispenser...more
refrigerator thermostats
Since 1991 Washing Machince Parts
Washing Machine parts

Washing machine motor, Capacitor, Drain pump, Electro valve, Oil seal, Shaft, Drain hose, Heating element, V belt, Switch, Top panel, Spring, Screw...


Since 1991 Gas Oven Parts
Gas Oven parts
Ignition, Motor,Timer, Silicon wire, Lamp, Valve, Heater, Knob, Grid, Fan  Support, Burner...   
washing machine ddm motor
Since 1991 Raw Materials
washing machine ddm motor

Cold rolled steel sheet, Aluminum tube,PP back panel, Steel tube, Laminated steel sheet, Pre-painted steel sheet, Hot rolled steel sheet, Cold rolled stainless steel sheet, Hot rolled stainless steel sheet, Single wall steel tube (bundy tube), Double wall steel tube, Copper tube, Capillary tube, Litz wire...                                                   more

Since 1991 Other Accesorries

refrigerator evaporator

Adhesive tape, PP band...


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